About Me

Geography (Where Am I?)

A native of Whidbey Island in Washington state, I relocated back to the Pacific Northwest in 2013 to the greater Puget Sound area after spending nearly 14 years in Austin, TX. I have also worked remotely or partially remote for several projects and/or positions over the years.


I have an undergraduate degree in Visual Communications with a concentration in Digital Design and also hold a certification in eLearning Design and Development along with coursework in Advanced Digital Imaging.

Work Experience

My first dive into training came back in high school when I had an internship at NAS Whidbey working in the program logistics. What started as a summer internship extended into two years of employment. After just a few months on the job, my supervisor soon began tasking me with training Navy personnel who transfered into our department, getting them up to speed on core job functions, software training, and more.

I’ve worked in several different industries ranging from aerospace, high tech printed circuit boards and semiconductors, medical device, mobile internet technology, and healthcare. When it all comes down to it, sound instructional design isn’t limited to one particular industry over another and easily crosses over to virtually any industry imaginable – there’s a reason Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) are often involved in projects.

Skill Set

Similar to the University of Washington’s Continuing Education Department’s motto of “never stop learning”, I take great pride in staying atop the latest technologies and design trends. With new tools and design techniques constantly evolving, there is an enormous amount of opportunity to improve efficiencies, learner retention, and overall design aesthetics within training. I’ve even had the opportunity to beta test new eLearning products before they hit the market.

My core skills include:

  • Innovative and creative design approach with a background in graphic design and video production
  • Ability to utilize multiple mediums of design
  • Continually push to exceed customer expectations
  • Efficient and diligent in managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Comfortable working under tight deadlines
  • Proven track record of collaborating with other departments
  • Effective working remotely or onsite

Design Philosophy

Let’s face it, there’s plenty of poorly designed training out there. How many times have you been forced to sit through compliance training or other dry material, struggling to stay awake as you click through the required slides?

Training needs to be relevant to learners and they must be motivated to complete the training.If the training isn’t meaningful for them, you’ll quickly lose their interest. Capturing the learner’s; attention and immersing them into the material is paramount. As an eLearning developer, I pride myself on creating unique, engaging interactions and elements of multimedia to keep the learner’s attention stimulated.

While I’ve been formally trained in the ADDIE process and will use it (or modified versions of ADDIE) from time to time, my preference is to use the SAVVY Start method (now known as Successive Approximation Model or SAM) developed by Dr. Michael Allen. The Savvy Start process puts a greater focus on the interactivity of a course, and includes a rapid-prototyping development stage which provides stakeholders with a better visualization of the course during the design process.

SAVVY Start Infographic from Allen Interactions

With just about any project, we need to conduct an assessment and gather background information to determine the “why” of what we are about to do. I’ve found many people find themselves more visual and being able to create prototypes throughout the design phase allows much faster reviews and approvals.


I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoy spending time on the water with my family, whether crabbing in the ocean, or whitewater rafting or kayaking down a Pacific Northwest river. In addition, I enjoy hiking and riding dirt bikes and quads on the weekends.

Employment Opportunities and Resume

I look forward to discussing any employment opportunities with you! To see a copy of my latest resume, please use the “contact” button on the left side of the page.


Kevin Pate